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The idea was to provide a site (here)


where the "Early Generation" Internet Fans

could talk about those wild days

when the site was growing fast, and ad lib.

Some pretty wiggy, cool things were sprouting up everywhere.

You all got to know each other here,

and true friendships were forged in "the real world " as well.

"Backstage stories" could have been on offer too.

The Steely Dan Internet Archive (1996 - 2017) is here


(short name: sdarchive.com)




 **Well-mannered  Newbies would be

welcome to join in to discuss steelydan.com 1996-2017

with stories, observations,

tall tales, questions (and answers!), etc. to contribute.

What must this place have looked like

to an innocent fan just wandering by?



Alas, the spirit in which the Archive Project was conceived

is in the wind, along, apparently, with most of the good folk

on which this enterprise would depend.

A project that would have once delighted Walter

would now feel ... rather different .


Hard to say if that spirit could ever return:

Can only say: It don't look good from here (Nov 2017).


Great Googly Moogly!

Walter considered the website "a work",
and was as proud of its contents as he was
of many a lyric or melody.

Perhaps you will revisit for a spell, and explore.

Perhaps you'll remember...something you have forgotten.


Perhaps you'll get a giggle.

But that magnificent Steely Dan site itself is archived

in whole right here.

All the great memos, gags, pictures — all of it —

not to mention mounds of writing from a few of

the best writers of our generation (and they gave it away!);

It's all still there.








** Well-mannered Newbies: Sorry to say it was largely the next wave of sd.com
visitors that changed the vibe considerably...drivng most of the old-timers
(including Walter B) deep into lurk mode, some never to return.:-( The hope
was that this site might have brought some of us In From The Cold



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